Total Productive Maintenance

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Publisher:Md.Bakhtiar Chowdhury
Pages:226 pages
Binding: Hardcover

TPM is a program for production (or operations in a power plant,for example). It is a manufacturing (or operational) strategy. In a TPM shop, operators are king of the hill. Without operation’s full, complete, and unwavering support, evidence of the TPM program will be hard to find a year after installation, or even less. The word Maintenance in TPM seems to scare operations people away. If TPM is implemented by or even initiated by the Maintenance department, it will fail. When we say operations, we mean operators, supervisors, production control personnel, managers, and everyone else all the way up to plant managers. The TPM point of view must be the lifeblood of the productive effort and understood by everyone, especially the middle managers. To a large degree, the active support and at least cooperation of the middle management is the most essential element of a successful TPM installation. The support of production control (production scheduling) is essential because they have to add TPM time into their schedules. Supervisors are essential because initially the TPM tasks have to be assigned, and managed so they are actually done.


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