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Publisher:Md.Bakhtiar Chowdhury
Genres:Business Process
Pages:447 pages
Binding: Hardcover

BPM is a rapidly growing discipline that is changing the way businesses look at managing processes and the role of automation in managing those processes and flow of work within and across enterprises. For many of us, this evolving discipline, along with the automation that supports it, represents a revolution in delivering rapid business change and innovative business capabilities to optimize work and the relationships between customers, suppliers, and employees. Through the techniques and approaches that it offers, BPM helps to deliver a new level of operational management support and a new ability to monitor and measure performance at all levels in the company. For those who adopt these approaches, techniques, and tools, the playing field is about to change and a new paradigm based on rapid, iterative change is about to initiate new ways to look at effectiveness and efficiency of business processes BPM is now emerging to support enterprise‐wide functions and help manage them to deliver the promises of continuous improvement. This emerging capability to deliver rapid change has promoted a new level of collaboration between business and technology professionals who need to understand the strategic nature and impact of the changes they are implementing. 


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