The Plan as You Go Business Plan

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Series: NA
Publisher:Md.Bakhtiar Chowdhury
Pages:279 pages
Binding: Softcover

However, it is exactly because of that history that I wanted to write about this book. Plan-As-You-Go Business Plains about planning, not the plan. Tim Berry says that instead of a ponderous document, do the planning that every business needs in order to focus, prioritize, and manage. Do that, and, if that’s all you’re going to use, do nothing else. Don’t sit back waiting for a big plan to be done, get going, start planning, start thinking, and do whatever part that is going to help you run your business better. In this book, Berry explains how to build you’re the plan around core (he calls it the “heart”) strategic combination of market, identity, and focus. I like the idea that the real plan is not the out-put format, but what’s supposed to happen, and why, and when, and how much money. It’s ideas like this that make me say that everybody running a business should develop a plan, but only in the simple, pragmatic context that this book evangelizes.  And that’s why you should buy this book.   

                                                                                       — Guy Kawasaki


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